> Visitor Management System

Visitor Management System

Currently in a Prototype stage. We decided that such a system must be able to be rapidly deployed and also be sercured with minimal manual intervention

We work with state of the art Facial recognition cameras which will screen visitors in real time and provide intelligent feedback to designated sercurity stations for rapid crowd control measures if needed

Making use of QR -code technology, we are able to assign specific visitor entry to specific places for a duration of time. With our customised Access- Control Intergration software, we are able to control doors and locks to permit or deny entry based on a particular QR-code, hence easy management of your visitors from just a few clicks on a browser.

Registration of visitors can either be done by an Admin staff from a browser or a public link can be exposed for the public to self-register and obtain a QR-code onto their personal devices.

Our management software also comes with built-in Analytics which gives you a daily update on total number of visitors, busiest time of the day, problematic areas of entry, etc.

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